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holiday sale.

today and yesterday were super busy. st. pete clay held their annual holiday sale and i got a great suprise.

i pulled my wall hangings out of the kiln at 7:30 saturday morning, put wires on the back and hung them in the reitz room, where a display of work had been set up. among everyone else’s stuff, j had set up some of my bushes in a little patch of “snow”. i hung the wall pieces across from them and then headed to work. a  couple of hours later j sent me a text saying that someone had purchased all 5. when i finally got back to the studio, i cruised past my shelf to see if anything else had sold and to my surprise an older sculpture of mine had also gone. the “nose warmers” is the white sculpture with red knitted tubes.

this whole holiday sale thing was fun. i’ve never really made work with the sole intention of selling it before, but i got into the spirit this year.  i put my work into a format that i thought would fit into people’s lives well and it was successful.

i had one bummer of the weekend though.  the white platter with glaze cells (bottom photo), took a dive off the shelf last night.  yikes.

wall peices installed in the reitz room

my shelves

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