happy new year!

well today i changed the thermocouples in a few kilns, and helped put in a new element.  let’s see, what else did i not know how to do a year ago?   i definitely didn’t know how to change a relay, or, honestly, what a relay was, except for that it clicked when i pressed the button on the kiln.  hmmmmm….i’ve learned new installation methods, worked with new materials and COLOR, although you can see in the first piece of 2011 i decided to keep it simple.

it’s been a pretty amazing year, looking back.  life is a constant up and down, i know, but it’s good to stay focused on the positive

i spent 6 months in philly, doing artwork at arcadia with gregg moore and my awesome studio mates, helping the amazing paula winokur with many an installation, good talks and so inspiring, working with ppsepa, my fab coworkers, and my friend and roommate claudia (and the rest of the ph130 family), being part of  the awesome show  “approaching nature” which i  definitely couldn’t have pulled off (the installation) without serious help from my sofla friends and NCECA in philly, many fun jobs and getting to see all of my favorite people.  so nice.  whew, 6 months in one long run-on sentence!

this fall i’ve spent in gainesville, fl at university of florida.  i’ve gotten invaluable guidence from linda arbuckle, charlie cummings and ray gonzalez.  in addition to pushing my work hardcore, learning how to (correctly) document my work and beginning my education in kiln maintenence and repair i’ve also been learning bike repair and even working with the local awesome women’s health center.  what a great semester!

i think 2011 is going to be good.  NCECA in Tampa/St. Pete, program assisting for our pre-con,  a few awesome shows lined up, nan smith heading up our class now and I’m even taking a throwing class on the side.  🙂

with so many great things going on, i definitely have to take a minute to appreciate my friends and family and how much their support means.  i set out a couple of years ago to pursue doing something i love, instead of something that pays the bills.  it’s definitely a big pain at times but so far i think it’s worth it.  one thing is for sure, i couldn’t do it with out all the awesome people in my life.

ok, on that note, happy new year!