killer swan.

while painting by the lake one day, this swan interrupted.  at first I was thrilled to have him so close and took several pictures.  he eventually waddled away only to be replaced by his far more persistent friend.  after several minutes he didn’t seem to be moving on.  in fact he was regarding me quite suspiciously.  i suppose he thought I was holding out on him snackwise.  it was quite disconcerting!  eventually i couldn’t take it anymore and got up.  my increased height did nothing to discourage him.  to make matters worse everytime i reached for my stuff he hissed at me.  even when I approached him with a more aggressive attitude he was unruffled. finally, thankfully, a couple and their young daughter wandered by and seeing my predicament produced cherrios with which they distracted the mean ole swan. whew!

my week in drawing, tracing, coloring.

sketchbook: weeks 3 and 4, canberra and melbourne.