catch up posts.

hi all, sorry for my lack of posts these last few weeks.  the last couple of weeks of my australian adventure i had the opportunity to join janet deboos and another ANU student in the southern australian desert.  we visited ernabella, and aboriginal community 300 km from uluru, a sacred site for indigenous australians and quite a tourist destination.  janet has been working with with ceramic artists at ernabella art center for several years now. in addition to the ceramics studio there is a even larger painting studio where complex, colorful paintings are created.  the art center managers ruth and julian and there adorable daughter beatrix, as well as all the center artists welcomed us into their lives for 10 days.  we would work our butts off all day alongside wonderful folks, eat delicious home cooked food every night and be lulled to sleep by the hee-hawing of wild donkeys.

before heading off to the desert i was wrapping up work at the anu studio and took a quick trip to brisbane, where i got to cuddle a koala finally.  i also got to hand feed kangaroos and emus, in the company of some of my favorite folks in the world.