Awesome Show.

Right now at RBR we have a show up by 25 year old autistic artist Hirotaka Moriya.  Hirotaka is part of a special needs occupational center in Chiba, Japan called Marui Hiroba, which translates to something like Round Plaza.  Hirotaka loves food and menus and doing Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) and Sumi (Japanese brush drawing) art.  He does hundreds of drawings per day.

Here are some pics of the show.


dcf_0234.jpg dcf_0236.jpg

Next month I’m going to visit Marui Hiroba as well as a clay studio run by Midori Takahashi, ceramic artist and organizer or Hirotaka’s and other art shows by the occupational center’s artists.

Last Saturday the Moriya Family came to RBR to spend some time at the exhibition.  I got to eat lunch with them.  The Moriyas are awesome, kind, crafty people who were totally meant to be parents.

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