wednesday 7 pm-10 pm:big bush officially firing.

finally saw s in his studio and asked for his advice on what kind of firing schedule to use to fire the bushes.  i had also written to my former professor and asked r.  i didn’t really feel comfortable trusting my research alone.  most of the studio work gets fired at standard schedules, but they would be a bit too fast for my work, since it so big and also still quite wet.  s went through a detailed schedule with me and even programmed the kiln on his way out.  one of the reasons i am doing this residency is to learn  technical skills i’ve never gotten.

so r helped me put the big bush in the kiln (unfortunately they wouldn’t both fit) and i started the first of two 24 hour soaks.  it might be a a little overkill, especially after picking up the bush and realizing that it was far lighter than it looked but at least this way nothing should crack.  knock on wood.

n and friend were in the studio tonight.  it’s such a different atmosphere when other folks are around.  i don’t always get as much done, but it’s nice.

notes: it’s freezing.  i biked today and my bike is in great shape, post tune up.  also, dinner tonight: organic veggies and my new favorite grain, kasha.  yum!

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