i am so sad about my clay shortage because i could have really cranked out work today.  but i did unload the big bush.  no cracks!  tall bush is firing away.  i emailed orton about the timer question and got a reply back today.  the kiln has to be programmed in minutes, so what i thought was h.mmm is just m.mmm or mmmm.  mystery solved.  thanks jim at orton!

i finished one small bush and added some coils to the medium (?) bush.  going to be standing by until tuesday when highwater opens.

j moved into his studio today, so the a.i.r. space is full. j and j were cleaning his space up and (lacking clay) inspired me to tidy up my space.  in the last few weeks the floor of my studio has grown a layer of dust and scraps about an inch thick.  looking quite good now, yeah!  also got a impromptu handle lesson from s.  kind of walked into that by mistake but love the teaching atmosphere that was going on.

i’ve forgotten to take pics again but coming soon.

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