the inevitable crash

wow, what do i do with all this free time?  i guess that having  a deadline really amped me up to work.  i have been assessing everyday, figuring out what hours could be spent in the studio coiling, and now (post deadline) i’m experiencing the inevitable let down.  i spent some time with my sketch (list) book yesterday working on what i’d like to do next.  gotta get back to work.

yesterday i worked my a.i.r. day.  j and i did a lot of hard, glamourous work, like cleaning some funky ass bathrooms (a weekend of 24/7 use, yeah!), loading up 3 bisque kilns and 1 glaze kiln and cleaning up the kiln pad for the unloading next week.  the dumpster was full, so we couldn’t even do the trash until the garbage truck came, and then whooo the large amounts of trash we had.  but to be honest that is why i like working tuesdays, there’s always a lot to do.  it’s satisfying to make a dent in the work load and i’ve learned a lot from j.

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