after the longest week ever.

seriously, last week was long.  i was bummed out to miss art basel in miami but life on the west coast of florida was busy enough.  at work we were being observed, at the studio we were preparing for the sale and i was preparing my own art work for the sale.  whoo, i was really running on low!

finally yesterday i had a bit of a break.  well, recently a half day is as close to a day off as i get but i’ll take what i can get.  i worked in the morning at creative clay.  we are still book making.  i know we will have to move onto something different but i’ve so enjoyed seeing m improve her skills.

afterwards i went to mazzaro’s italian deli to get something for lunch.  i’ve been hearing about this place since i moved here, but hadn’t yet been.  it was like walking into italy.  i was able to find my favorite cheese from when i was traveling in italy (romano fresca with pepper corns) not to mention arancini (sicilian rice balls) and italian tuna.  these were the things i would buy (with a roll or loaf of bread) and carry around in my bag to eat for lunch in some scenic spot.  you know how it is.  the only thing i didn’t find, but i’ll have to look next time, is white anchovies.  the arancini were very similiar to my family’s except that they had way too much cheese in them!

i relaxed the rest of the day, stepping out for an errand or two, and this morning, finally i was back to 100%.

2 thoughts on “after the longest week ever.

  1. you dig the anchovies!!!!!
    Boy would you love our house for antipasto… Good tuna with anchovies….(in the middle)
    I think you may be able to get the white at “Casa Pane”
    on the beach, but when I see the price, I move on, so I am not sure.
    Dont you feel you have sahara desert mouth post anchovy???
    Well, that decides it… you must try Casa Pane now someday.. tx yourself to a beautiful Samich from there… Their grilled veg. antipast. is primo! I’ll meet you there!

    Love you peices… Yes, thanks for inviting me on…

  2. thanks for your comment maria! i totally want to check out casa pane some time. maybe there would be a few special things worth getting? definitely will have to go there for lunch sometime.

    anyway, i haven’t been doing too many late nights in the studio lately have you? see you there!

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