yeah facebook, 25 things.

1. i have learned a lot of fascinating things reading these lists. 2. i can’t smell. seriously, not at all, but i can taste, perhaps poorly. 3. i’m not vegetarian. 4. i bite my nails. 5. i’m addicted to american sitcoms and dramas. 6.  7. i like blood. as long as it’s not my own. and there’s a good reason for it to be around. i mean, i don’t like massacres or such things but i do like phlebotomy. 8. if i fail as an artist i want to be a nurse or surgical technician. 9. i work better with a deadline. 10. my house got broken into a month ago. nothing of mine was stolen. 11. i always over indulge when there are books involved. i bought 3 books by bell hooks at her talk yesterday. 12. my greatest addiction/weakness is sugar. i also over indulge when there is sugar involved. 13. i like tequila shots, with lemon wedges and salt. 14. i love to read. 15. i don’t like to draw. 16. i’ve kept journals since i was 18. i save them all, along with daily planners, sketchbooks and letters. 17. i own very little. most of what i own falls into catagories: books/journals, clothes, pottery other people made, special kitchen things, and trinkets/chotchkes/art that other people made. 18. i don’t believe in god and i don’t give a shit about germs. 19. if it’s not meat or milk, i don’t care about expiration dates. if it is meat or milk, or fresh produce for that matter i want to eat it while it’s fresh anyway. 20. i’ve been in jail once. for 4 1/2 days. being in jail sucked, consensus meetings held with everyone in the cell block were pretty awe inspiring. 21. i still feel sad when i think about masa. 22. my goal every day is to act as though i am still innocent and the world is an amazing place with tons of potential. 23. i believe that the universe provides and what we need will come to us as long as we act. 24. twice this week someone picked up my tab at a restaurant which was super nice! 25. i believe in mutual aid.

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