work for sale at st. pete clay.

the garden and flower sale was a success.  everything ran smoothly and i even sold some of my work.  today was great as plenty of friendly faces came out to support the cause.  it’s so awesome to see people buying handmade (and hand grown) products.  with the economy continuing to tank i think it is our responsibility to keep buying handmade objects.  walmart may be able to sell everything under the sun cheaper than a bag of clay, but when walmart tanks too, where will we be?  let’s keep supporting each other, bartering and doing it ourselves!

planters with succulents (separated and rooted by my mom from her own collection of succulents) still available at st. pete clay for a limited time.  anyone interested in some free plants or trees for their yard should plan a visit to the gugliotti’s house in sarasota county.  my dad loves to share his plants.

flower pots 030

flower pots 033flower pots 027

4 thoughts on “work for sale at st. pete clay.

  1. Hi Nicole – what is the names of the succulent that has multiple little pods on it and the one with the wide leaves? I found a planter at T-10 with these two plants in it and its really interesting, but I don’t know the names of the plants.

    Glad I got to see Chicken butts. Your work is cool.

  2. thanks sheila. as far as the plants, to be perfectly honest i don’t know what they are called. my mom harvested them for me from her collection which she’s built up over the years. i don’t think she knows what they are either. sorry. they’re cute though, huh?

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