the hump.

changes are hard to take and sometimes the hump is the hardest part.  getting up the incline and over to where it’s down hill the rest of the way.  but i think i’m getting there.  i’ve gone down to part time at my job again.  it’s funny that monday (yesterday) was my first “day off” according to the new schedule, but it has made a world of difference.  i got a crap load accomplished and had some serious work time saturday, sunday, monday AND today.  i should be able to get in some significant time tomorrow too.  yeah!

right now i feel like i’m stock piling things for the installation but the truth is that i won’t be able to stop working after that.  i have a few events coming up that i still need work for.  one is the folk fest, which is put on by creative clay and that’s a week after my opening.  i’m also doing the atomic holiday bazaar in december and today i was invited to participate in a small craft show in gulf port.  i haven’t attended it before but from what i understand it’s a very high quality show of quirky, eccentric work.  i’m feeling a little myopic right now, can’t see past tomorrow, but i think i will definitely participate.  one of the curators is a local doll artist who’s work i respect immensely  so i am honored to be considered.

ok, it’s almost 2 am and i just got back from the studio a little bit ago.  have to go pass out but first some pics of work in the studio.  more to come.

new wall pieces.

new wall pieces.

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