literally in the sky.

updating this blog from the cramped seat of a delta plane on my way back from new york.  before getting on the plane i was passed a promotional free trial of the in flight wireless service.  i would never pay for this service but getting to try it for free is pretty sweet.

on my way home to florida, which i miss.  strangely.  i missed out on a bunch of fun it seems while out of town.  mass amounts of kiln firing took place.  very exciting.  at least i’ll get to be present for the opening of the kilns.  christmas or halloween?

my trip was pretty relaxed but i still felt the burn of city life.  florida living has made me weak, i think.  my shoulders are all sore from toting everything around on my back instead of throwing it in the back of the minivan.  i didn’t do much, but here’s what i did do.

the graduate portfolio review at parson’s:  a crowd of young aspiring painters (it seemed) and me….but talking to R.I.T. and Tyler reps did net me some positive feedback.  thanks much to a and m for taking photos of my show to share.

new york art book fair: tons of art books and book arts at ps1 in long island city.  got to hang with my girl a. and our old friend k..

toured tyler school of art: and met with their new clay professor chad curtis.  i was blown away by their brand new CLEAN and high tech facility and inspired by their clay, glass and fibers department.  i’ll apply there for the fall, but that’s another post…

last but not least i visited a former professor/mentor gregg moore who i’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with again in the spring.

while in philly i got to visit and stay with s. a friend from back in the day in florida.  we got to have some dinner and some breakfast together and she shared her growing collection of pop up art.  hopefully i’ll be back in philly in time for her first exhibition.  beautiful work girl!

ok, i’m getting cookies from the flight attendant.  this is so wild!

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