eclectic and then some

saturday while the clay co a.i.r.s were working it at craft art, b.d. and i headed over to gulfport for “eclectic and then some”.  a much smaller sale with only 20 artists in the fellowship hall of a church.  the sale was small but with a good following.  i did pretty well with a little help from my friends.  i was trying to stay focused and not get temped to buy or trade too much with other artists.  i’ve got to say that left to my own devices i would trade away everything i make.  there were so many talented artists there.  one of the organizers makes one of a kind dolls and there was a felter that had some amazing scarves and wrist bands.  in the end i did trade with an amazing metals artist.  sweet.

though i’ve helped out with sales in the past, group efforts with all the other artists in the clay co, this was my first sale with a bulk of my own work.  exciting.

i took a couple of pics before forgetting about my camera all together.

my display, with bonnie in the backround

bonnie bravo's work

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