something small.

today was a long exhausting day.  after staying up until 5am helping finish the anagama, i tried to sleep for a couple of hours before heading to work.  somewhere along the line i got the drift that something had happened in haiti but i didn’t know what.  i went home and crashed and when i woke up to the news, in my sleepy state, man, it sucked.

with no extensive resources at my disposal i went online a few minutes ago and donated $10 to doctors without borders.   i also checked the red cross website.  according to it they are not having a shortage of blood supplies and are able to meet the need in haiti, but since my blood is 0-, which is a universal donor, i’m going to try to donate anyway tomorrow. 

10 bucks and a pint of blood, it’s all i’ve got but i’ll give it.  my heart goes out to everyone in haiti and everyone not in haiti trying to find out what’s what with friends and family.

p.s. thanks to wilson, melis and adam for getting me around yesterday and today sans car.

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