more snow excitement

ok, so no more snow days.  actually the weird thing is that there has been a lot more snowing at times when i’m out and about but it’s not sticking so not causing such a problem with the transit.  there were a couple of days where i was getting poked in the eyes with snowflakes as i walked around.  so odd for a floridian like me.

i was in tokyo for almost a year before the first snow and i don’t remember it ever really snowing like this.  there were FOR SURE never piles of snow on the ground for weeks on end.  i feel like a little kid, scraping snow off cars to make snowballs and pulling out my camera at all kinds of banal sights.

the snow on the trees reminds me of the cherry blossoms in tokyo, sometimes they were white instead of pink and the light color of the blossom made the tree bark look like charcoal, which was especially beautiful.  i have only been here in winter so maybe these trees will end up being cherry blossom trees in the spring?  that would be sweet.

and up close the black and white of the bark and ice make a nice pattern:

i’m also really interested in the icicles.  i don’t always remember to look up and see them but the other day on the way out see an exhibition at the crane arts building i spotted these bumpy, melty looking icicles.

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