new favorite podcast:)

i have spent the last decade or so hearing the word podcast and not really knowing what it meant.  how does it relate to the ipod?  it’s all such a mystery to me.

but thanks to my studio mates this semester i have finally grasped the concept and can even find radiolab episodes on my own now.  wow!

last night, i came across this cool podcast, the partially examined life.  the premise is that these three dudes who used to study philosophy at school together read a text and then discuss it.

I listened to a segment on youtube about arthur danto’s the philosophical disenfranchisement of art .  his book the abuse of beauty is in my bag, ready to read, so it was great to hear the discussion of one of his earlier books.  there are episodes on merleau-ponty, my neurotic boyfriend schopenhaur, and more.  though i got a lot out of listening to the talk with out reading the text, i think it will be really fun to read some of the texts before listening.  and they even link to a lot of the texts online.

2 thoughts on “new favorite podcast:)

  1. I love podcasts, the partially examined life sounds great, I’ll have to check it out. I love Radiolab and there’s a cute and silly podcast about food that’s fun called Spilled Milk.

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