residency time.

yesterday i arrived in shigaraki japan where i will do a one month residency at the shigaraki ceramic cultural park.

after taking the shinkensen from tokyo to kyoto, i transferred to a local train and then to two buses.  the bus ride was long and curvy, so i wanted to vomit a little but was eventually distracted by the amazing view out the window.

my view had been particularly beautiful for a good deal of my journey but soon after boarding the second bus i was literally awestruck.  i am sure that these pictures, taken from my phone, through a rainy window, while the bus barreled upwards and around curves don’t do the scenery justice but my chin was on the floor.  this might be the most breathtaking place i’ve ever been.

mountains! trees!



once i arrived at shigaraki, i was shown my room, introduced to the staff and several residents and taken to the grocery store to get provisions.

i unpacked my stuff, wondered around a little and in the evening there was a little welcome party.  one of the women here is from the gunma prefecture and had several types of pork from her family’s farm.

meat! from kumie’s famliy.

amazing spread.

this morning i woke up early and met with the staff to discuss my clay needs.

serious business.

then we went off to the clay store, where i purchased some black clay, which you can see (ish) in the test tiles above.

everything everyone has said is completely true.  it was totally overwhelming choosing clay.  i haven’t been to the tool store yet but i’m planning to be blown away.

i’m really into the fact that there are entire stores dedicated to clay.

anyway, finally back to the studio and getting to work:)



4 thoughts on “residency time.

  1. ohhhh i can’t wait to see what you create. and it is very beautiful there indeed.

    i cannot even imagine how to begin on choosing clay with all of those options.

      • So far, summer is great because M&B are still in school – (snark) – but i’m planning on enjoying the rest of it with them out of school, too. 🙂 Hoping to hit every museum on our free-museum pass at least twice and the beach a few times (hate the beach, but they love it). hugs and love out to you from the Harmons!

      • hahaha, well enjoy it while it lasts and then enjoy all that togetherness. y’all are such cuties. sounds like a great summer plan. hope to see you guys soon:)

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