sketchbook week 1

after today i’ll be posting on a weekly schedule each friday.  my goal is 2 pages/1 full spread per day.  thus far i’ve had some days with more and some with less, but i feel like i’m getting into the habit.  i’ve been drawing whatever makes me think i want to draw it and have attempted to press on even when i don’t like how it’s turning out.  i relate it to my studio practice, you know how we all have those days when nothing is working, you get so far and whatever your making looks silly or messy and so you start again and naturally, everything still sucks, and finally you just decide, i’m going to make this thing no matter what and suddenly it works out?  well, i haven’t had quite had that feeling of success, but i think i’ll get there.  i’m playing with all my materials, collecting other materials along the way and i have a nice variety of papers and textures (and some fabric-like material as well), so i suspect that as i get accustomed

these materials, what i’m recording will get closer to what i’m doing in my ceramic process, or even start me off in some new directions.   i’m loving using color, even if it feels quite clumsy:)

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