sketchbook: weeks 3 and 4, canberra and melbourne.

from the sketchbook. drawing and collecting.

wild life photography.

anna is right.  the birds in australia are out of control.  all these amazing avian friends make a girl want a fancy camera.  using my cell phone camera and my significantly outdated little digital camera, i have, in full zoom, tried to capture the wild life i’ve encountered daily while in canberra.

i went to a zoo (eeehhhh, i know) in sydney, and will post those pics soon.  ethically questionable, but i don’t know if everyone knows, i’m kind of obsessed with animals….in any case i say that in order to highlight for you that these are NOT in a zoo.  they are literally outside my door.  wild.

anyway, wildlife.  sorry everything is so blurry:)


this semester i’ll be spending 2 months in australia.  for the most part I’ll be staying in canberra, the capital territory of australia and working in the studio at the australian national university.  while here, i’ll be on my own a lot of the time as this is actually summer in australia and school’s out for a little while longer.

i’m still in school in florida, taking three classes; ceramics seminar, professional practices and an independent study based around the sketchbook.  i’ll be posting my usual travel posts, picture, profiles of local artists, etc, but i’ll also be posting a series from my sketchbook (under the catagory: sketchbook).  daily drawings and responses to the things that i’m reading and seeing.

i collected some paper ephemera from my life in florida, went a little bonkers at cfop collecting pretty paper in the white/translucent/silver vein and made a cover from my favorite skirt that was getting too old to wear anymore.

from here on out i’ll be posting approximately 2 pages a day recording some aspect or another of what i see around me in the land down under.