resource review (6): abortion story blog survey.

once you start looking,  you realize, there are a lot of repositories for abortion stories, which is pretty awesome.  from stories uploaded by individuals to anonymously posted tumblr submissions, there are a lot of stories.  what i think is interesting is how certain narratives come out and are reflected in the stories posted.  i think that due to lack of education, empowerment and support, so many people are left feeling profoundly and painfully conflicted.  of course that’s pretty typical when it comes to things were marginalized folks are concerned.  because we are forced to fight tooth and nail for the right to reproductive choice, any conflict is appropriated by the opposition to support their argument.   i think that is somewhere that my project can help.  by curating the stories, by seeking out particular stories and placing them into the context of wonder and contemplation i think that it offers a true alternative narrative.  not one that is free of conflict but one that is full of confidence and empowerment.


exhale is an excellent, awesome organization that offers post-abortion support.  when i was working abortion services we gave out their info to everyone who came through the clinic.  it was great to be able to give people SOMETHING since we have so little in the way of mental health services available to us.  it’s available to anyone who wants to talk following an abortion procedure, including family, partners and parents.

they also have a campaign going called pro-voice, where folks are telling their stories on tour.  as part of the information about this program they offer a PDF pamphlet on ethical story sharing, which i downloaded and started reading.  it’s really perfect for this project i’m working on.  thankfully i’m already doing some of the things they recommend, like getting informed consent!


a repository for personal stories and public campaign to reduce shame and silence around abortion.  you can submit a story or get involved in several different ways including handing out cards or hosting a film and discussion.  they have an excellent resource link list.


interesting texas based blog site where people can submit anonymously.  in addition to being a repository for personal stories there are interesting articles and resources posted.  the administrators also reach out to and answer questions by those who post.  it feeels…..messy…..and kind of unfocused.  i’m so interested in the fact that they respond to people, either offering support or information.  there were several posts by people who clearly needed some support.  but i think the support group aspect of the blog confuses the message, which is stated as breaking the silence……but from everything i’ve read there might should be a website that is responsive.


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i thought this story repository was very simple and well put together.  they are very clear that they are seeking all personal stories, not political messages.  they ask for a voluntary picture of your hands along with your submission.  they post the stories anonymously but ask you to provide your info with your submission.  the stories varied greatly but the site felt overall very positive.
story repository organized by two feminist activists and abortion care workers that posts in three sections, your voices, pre roe vs. wade voices and companion’s voices.

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