more working

keeping on, today i worked for over 5 hours.  it feels good to get into the groove of things, but it’s also kind of shocking how long some things take.  it’s easy to forget that for a seemingly simple little detail you still have to do steps 1-5 before you even attach something.  i don’t mean that’s it’s easy for the viewer to overlook that point, i mean that it’s easy for me to forget.  i have often looked at past work and honestly wondered how i’d done something.  the last week for me has been about remembering sequence.  remembering how to do.  a and i often joke about the bodies of work we have in our head.  but physically making the work is time consuming.  it’s been very interesting to me to see the progress of 2 pieces, which will be just 2 of many in this upcoming installation.  art making is very base problem solving.  i kept working today thinking i would finish the bush.  at the end of the day i couldn’t.  i am hoping that i will be able to finish tomorrow.  that would feel awesome.

the bush

the bush closer up

a bit closer

see the leaves?

chugging right along.

yesterday after work i stopped at tijuana flats, thinking i’d pick up something real quick and head to the studio.  a dish of flautas later i was so stuffed i could barely make it home.  i always forget with american food you can only eat half.  you must take half home or your belly will burst.  you think, oh it’s so good, and there’s only a couple more bites.  no, you really have to take that bit home don’t you?

i finally made it into the studio at about 9.  i tried watching pushing daisies on tv, but my mind kept floating back to the bush and the big, as of yet unnamed, pile of coils in the studio.  i was itching to get the bush done, so it can start drying and getting ready to be fired.

i worked for three solid hours.  i got a lot of height on the coil monstrosity.  this is going to be kind of a tree, but i haven’t made any leaps yet as to how it’s going to look.

the bush got some new pods on it.  i left about 7 pods on a ware board hardening up all day and they got a little too hard, so i had to pitch them.  i pinched out four more pods, and some “leaves” to fill in space around the the pods.  I’m going to add a texture to the rest of the bush that will not make it too hard to move.  i also decided to add 4 cut outs to the bottom of the bush to help with moving it.

here is a shot of my studio space.  it’s full!