some of the work i was pleased with from the last firing.  this work was heavily influenced by my summer in japan and further informed by the amazing workshop by bryan hopkins that i was lucky enough to assist with this summer at arrowmont.


i put some finishing touches on my first sculpture.  coiled a bit on a second larger sculpture.   last week i mixed up a batch of porcelain and stirred in a blue mason stain to a portion of it.  today i made a couple of wall peices out of it.  i also sprayed some test tiles.  just testing some raw materials: custer feldspar, nepheline syenite and gerstley borate in the baby kiln.

i’m excited to see what they look like and to put some tests of the blue porcelain in but tomorrow is shaping up to be another snow day.  ehhhh…..all this snow.

well, i’ll post some more pictures later this week or next.:-)

small, large, wood, soda…

as i’ve been working on these wall pieces the studio has been full of frenetic energy.  lots of people firing different kilns and in different ways.  also, i’ve been working with different types of clay.  most/all of the compost show was highwater p10 porcelain.  i love p10 because i am able to build with it so effortlessly.  especially when coiling.  but with the wall pieces above i have used highwater p10 and helios, matt long’s porcelain and a flashing porcelain one of the former residents mixed up before he left.  i’ve got maybe 50 pounds of that left, and unfortunately he didn’t use a recipe but all this variety in workability and fire color has me amped up to research more porcelain recipes and develop one i like.

i have been seeing ceramic surface everywhere i look.  carbon trapping brains in the mackerel clouds when they get all skippy and black and white across the sky or fire color in j.q.’s roommate’s dog’s fur or the other night when i was watching grey’s anatomy and saw my the wood fired surface in patrick dempsey’s facial hair.