i’ve been rediscovering ward’s. this small but well stocked independent grocery store in gainesville carries everything from organic nut butters to oreos.  (and while i haven’t bought any oreos there i appreciate that option!)  on the topic of sweet and delicious foods, though…the other day i picked up 8 ears of corn for 2 bucks.  just tossed them in the oven at 350° for thirty minutes or so, still in the husk.  afterward i shucked them and threw em in the fridge in a ziploc for the rest of the week.  well, obviously i ate a few right out of the oven.  this corn was ridiculously tender and sweet on it’s own.  sure i’m totally down to mangia some roasted corn on the cob with butter and salt and herbs, but left to my own devices i just really enjoy it plain.

little obsessed with corn, i guess.