right now is kind of hard.  i am getting benefits starting dec. 1st.  so i need to work at least 25 hours a week.  usually i am working more, because i need the money, but i am trying to scale back.  i am at the clay studio one day a week and at creative clay one day a week.  at the moment, when i finish working, i just want to chill, and not think about making work.  i’m feeling a lot of frustration.  i want to have a whole day to work in the studio.  and i think i need a whole day to do nothing and to be completely alone but there are not enough days in the week.

i applied and was accepted to kara walker tome’s next show 10 x 10 in west palm beach in mid november.  i am creating a large scale sculpture installation of a garden out of white glazed earthenware.  i have the picture in my head and am so excited to work on it.  on top of the clay sculpture i’m going to add materials like gravel, crocheted yarn, sand, etc.  i just want there to be a lot of layers.  i worked on the mock up tuesday and the main layout is done.  now i just need to create the main sculpture pieces so i can start adding detail.  i am so lazy, i just wanted to do detail work.  i spent a few hours coiling the other day, and then ended up balling it all up and pinching the mock up out of it.  i just wanted to warm up.  once i really took the layout in i realized that i’m going to have to make some temporary slump molds.  i think those big exercise bowls will work and maybe some big trashcans and/or plastic storage bins.

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  1. Your working day sounds fascinating to me. I need time to myself when I am working and creating. We have 4 kids and my studio is next door, but my family understand (mostly). Your work sounds very complex, I’d love a visual. Well done for the Palm Beach show and good luck.

  2. thanks for your comment peter. it sounds like you are very disciplined. i’m working on it. this installation i’m working on is going to be big, and i’m excited to see the final product. good luck with your work!

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