upcoming exbibition

this weekend i’ll partake in a night of installation art at 10 x 10.  the audience will have a chance to wander around the maze-like lake worth storage unit, finding art.   and for the first time ever, they’ll have a chance to buy work from the artists in the “store” unit.  i’m really looking forward to what is always a super fun show.  kara walker tome is a west palm beach legend and always draws a huge crowd.  here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll see in my storage unit.

repro. soda fired porcelain, luster, flocking. 1.5 ft. x 3 ft. wall area installed. 2010.

this represents fresh, new work from me, and get ready because my installation this weekend will be even bigger and better.

i just can’t wait to see what all the other artists will do!

d-o-n-e done

i am exhausted, but just a quick post to say 10 x 10 went well.  it was a really great time, a chance to catch up with lots of folks from south florida and i was very pleased with the installation of garden path.  j and i headed out friday morning after the longest freaking thursday ever (4 am kiln shift, then a training at tampa health department, visit to my parents house to load up some materials and then packing the car to max capacity with our art work.), installed most of friday and saturday, showed from 6-10 pm and then woke up bright and early sunday to deinstall.  it was hard work but it was worth it.

i was able to find a landscaping supply co. to graciously lend me the crushed shells, stepping stones and borders i needed for the garden.  the owner and his wife came to the show and before they left they gifted me the materials they had loaned me.  how cool are they?  anyone in south florida needing landscaping supplies should definitely support AAA sod and supply on military trail between maleluca and lantana. they are like, totally my art sponsors.

unfortunately i don’t have a camera, and am too poor to buy one for the time being, so i will have to wait for pictures from kara.  she had a photographer shoot the whole show which was so awesome of her.

here’s a little taste via my cell phone:

blurry garden path

blurry garden path

as you can imagine that crushed shell was a pain to clear up.  i shoveled up a couple of containers of it and brought them out to the car.  when i returned a had shoveled another 2 containers up, she then proceeded to help me clear up the rest, which we did in record time.  s showed up and after giving us root beers, pitched in.  we took the hand truck down the elevator and as we wheeled it to the parking lot, i couldn’t help but be struck with how awesome my life is right now and how many great folks are part of that.  therefore i have to shout out some thanks to all my co-residents especially j for making the trip with me, a and s and all my sofla ladies and, you know, the universe for rocking so much.  yeah!

sayaku. the complete and total worst.

one of the bushes burst.  yup that’s right.  the 3 bushes are not out of the kilns yet but i peeked in on the medium bush (which had become one of my favorites) and the top had fallen in.  i was soaking it for a long time so that the water wouldn’t make it explode, but at the end of the day it was stupid short cut taken in construction that caused the damage.  i’m not sure if it will be repairable, but i went ahead and fired it hoping it will be.  given the time crunch, i ended up with two parts of the bush with very different amounts of dryness.  the bush was a sweet leather hard, and if there had been more time for it to dry with support it might have been ok, but popping that leather hard bush into the kiln with a heavy, built up area that was still a lot softer and speed drying it just didn’t work.  it collapsed.

rough, but that’s the way it goes.  the kilns fired off, and tomorrow they will be cool enough to unload.  tuesday morning in nice light i will spray them with glaze and fire them one last time. other than that i am in full mixed media mode, trying to prepare for installation friday.


right now is kind of hard.  i am getting benefits starting dec. 1st.  so i need to work at least 25 hours a week.  usually i am working more, because i need the money, but i am trying to scale back.  i am at the clay studio one day a week and at creative clay one day a week.  at the moment, when i finish working, i just want to chill, and not think about making work.  i’m feeling a lot of frustration.  i want to have a whole day to work in the studio.  and i think i need a whole day to do nothing and to be completely alone but there are not enough days in the week.

i applied and was accepted to kara walker tome’s next show 10 x 10 in west palm beach in mid november.  i am creating a large scale sculpture installation of a garden out of white glazed earthenware.  i have the picture in my head and am so excited to work on it.  on top of the clay sculpture i’m going to add materials like gravel, crocheted yarn, sand, etc.  i just want there to be a lot of layers.  i worked on the mock up tuesday and the main layout is done.  now i just need to create the main sculpture pieces so i can start adding detail.  i am so lazy, i just wanted to do detail work.  i spent a few hours coiling the other day, and then ended up balling it all up and pinching the mock up out of it.  i just wanted to warm up.  once i really took the layout in i realized that i’m going to have to make some temporary slump molds.  i think those big exercise bowls will work and maybe some big trashcans and/or plastic storage bins.