planters in progress.

everything is done.  as soon as they dry they go in the bisque (after a little clean up with the green scrubby).  i’m using highwater’s low fire white clay, which has a really nice putty white color when bisqued, no pink hue at all.  i’m actually going to bring the raw clay up to cone 1 so the body is a little tighter and then place the soil and succulents right in.  i’ve always been in love with the raw bisque color of this earthenware, so i’m excited to make some work where it gets to shine.

here’ s a little sneak peak at the planters, check back to see them with the plants inside…..

pile of planters

pile of planters

slidey spikes

slidey spikes

sansai planter

sansai planter

pots 004

special thanks to my mom and dad for providing the plants for these pots and to mom for separating out and rooting the baby plants for me.

3 thoughts on “planters in progress.

  1. I am so proud! They are beautiful. They will look amazing with the succulents in them. I can’t wait to see. I love you Mom

    this is ava I love you. I like your pots.

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