get to work!


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tomorrow is jamie and sarah’s show, can’t wait.  i’m sad to see them go but very happy to see how much they’ve accomplished in their time here.  jamie and i will do one more personal firing before she leaves, so need to get to cracking on more work for that.  then fill the kiln at least once in august.  maybe a second time in september? this summer has been so crazy and busy and it won’t settle down for at least awhile longer.  in a couple of weeks the three of us will head out for bowling green.  i’m looking forward to a couple of days of FREEDOM!

2 thoughts on “get to work!

  1. theres good looking pots, and there is art. you make art, i’m sure you’ll go as far as you will allow yourself. may you and yours be in good health, stay happy ron

    • ron-sensei, that is so nice. thanks for teaching me all about the klins! your tree is still breathing!

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