good advice.

so naturally, i’m trying to figure out my new year’s resolutions.  typically there are several.  some are quite specific, others more reflective and life changing.  i’ll be sharing that list on january first when I embark on my resolution to blog something (from photo to review to story) each day this year.  in the mean time i’ll share a sweet little list i came across in my nieces room while visiting for the holidays.  i think it can be applied specifically or and more generally to all things in life, especially art making.

Ava’s Fashion Tips

1. never waste

2. be creative

3. don’t cry over a mess up

4. don’t rush

5. be calm and collected

6. be nice if someone compliments your work

she said it was for a sewing group at school that her and her friends organized (pretty impressive for an 8 year old).

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