happy new year!

good bye 2011.  hello 2012.  the last year has been paradoxically super challenging, the most so since i returned to the u.s. in 2005.  sounds crazy, i know, but i just haven’t felt that full-on “flow” in the last year of my life.

anyway, new year, new life, and some resolutions to accompany it.

1.  blog everyday.  write more.

2.  be proactive (and hardcore).  follow all the roads to the end, creatively.  schedule studio time and stick to it.  apply to at least one show a month.

3.  enjoy health.  schedule exercise.  go out into nature at least once a month.  transition to eating only local/organic meat.

4.  stick to my budget.  find ways to decrease spending.

5.  visualize/create the future.  set large goals and make step by step plans.  do things (like a garden) on a small scale.  reach out to old friends.

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