finally getting into the swing of things, work wise.  i worked a lot less, this week, and that got me four days in the studio, actually working.  i may be sorry when my paycheck comes, but that’s the way it’s going to have to be.  my bills are pretty minimal and i am able to stay mostly stocked with food by visiting my parents house (yum!) but this month had some major put outs, i.e. buying the 300sd and driving down to west palm to get it.  pretty minimal, you might think, but i’m a paycheck to paycheck kind of girl.  so i’m trying to lay as low as possible this week and hope that my pay covers next months bills.  creative clay gives me a little extra cash each week, though my four hours there are so delightful, i sometimes forget i’m getting paid.  i am hoping to add on a few more hours with there art link program.  one of their member artists and and artist like me are linked up and create a body of work over a period of time (9 months?) and then during the summer there is a show.  i was super impressed with this summer’s show.  two artists i know and there art link partners made some very involved installations, one with found objects and one with sewn dolls.  working on the garden path installation right now has got the wheels in my head turning about how i could work with one of cc’s artist on a full scale installation with clay or found objects. cc is a good combo of “working” and making art with a little bit of hanging out and bonding thrown in.  i’ve definitely noticed when you work with other artists on a weekly basis, you start building a relationship.

anyway, the point was, trying to work less, and make art more.  i’m trying.  whew is it hard though sometimes.  i think i should start taking snap shots each day as i leave the studio and post them here so i can see my progress over time.

of course, i love my job too.  i spent the summer trying to learn as much as i could, and to get as good as i could at it so that when i got this residency i could shift my focus briefly to learning everything about it.  and hopefully a great equilibrium will eventually exist.

ok, i’m out.

folk fest and emt practice

today i went up to folk fest with sarah, marianne, brad and jamie.  it was great to get to share my st. pete with them.  folk fest is put on by creative clay, an art center for folks with developmental disabilities.  i’m working there a very short 4 hours per week.  i am so in love with this center though and as soon as time allows i hope to up my hours with them.  i teach in house once a week and we’ve been making cloth bound books.  everyone has really different abilites and talents so it’s always a challenge to see what we’ll come up with.  i’m excited to get this batch of books into the last pressing and to see the finished product.

after walking through folk fest and getting some lunch at chang mai we walked over to my new place.  this was the first time for me to do the walk.  it was great, but i’ll definitely be biking for the most part.  we actually chilled in my apartment for a few minutes.  i’m excited to move in this week.  it’s small but i think it will do the trick.  the only draw back to my place is that it’s furnished.  one the one hand, it’s very useful to have the microwave, tv, etc be there, because i don’t feel the need to own these types of objects, but having all the furniture is rough.  i really miss MY stuff, since i’ve been without it for the past 3 years, and i’d prefer to furnish my place myself.  but the price is right and i’m hoping my landlady will work with me after i’ve been there awhile.

on the way home we ran into traffic twice.  on the side of i75 we passed a family pulled over.  marianne said “should we see if they need any help?”  a young women seemed to be getting sick.  so we stopped and offered them water but they said they were ok.  we probably scared them more than anything.  especially when, just as we were getting back into the car, jenna suddenly pulled over out of no where.  suddenly this poor family was surrounded on all sides by team sarasota.  we talked for awhile, probably totally freaking this family out, since they got themselved together and into their car, and finally headed home.  haha.  marianne is an emt after all.

low fire earthenware slip

today i got out of work in time to go to general mold to pick up some slip.  this was one of my first times to venture out of my comfort zone in st. pete.  generally i go between the 22nd st. and 5th st. along central ave.  so i’m getting the idea that there is a lot more to st. pete than downtown.

so i dropped off my slip.  my 24 days in residence have consisted of a lot of stopping in and dropping off.  i haven’t accomplished much between my 6 initial training days and today.  working as much as i do, dog sitting and commuting between st. pete and sarasota has not lent itself to productivity.  but i’m not making excuses.  in less than a week i’ll live a 9 block walk from the clay co. with no dependent puppies.

i built a set of coddle boards and  poured one plaster mold.  i need more and then i’ll cast beer glasses which will be embellished with penis’, vaginas and information about curable stds.  there are also 2 interesting events i’d like to submit proposals to.  there is a lot going on right now but so far it is just enough.

one place where i have been able to accomplish quite a bit is creative clay.  i’ve been working with some of the member artists on making books.  we started out with a simple pamphlet stich and cardstock covers with colored tape embellishments, but the other week my dad helped me build a book press and we’ve started making cloth covered books.  we made quite a few quarter sized books and there is a 8 x 12 cover drying right now.  a book press is basically 2 peices of plywood which you can sandwich together and then secure with hardware to sqeeze them tight.  i used 4 inch screws so i can add more boards and therefore make more books at one time.